Bharat Rathore & Iwa Stiller

Sally Fawkner

Ex CEO SJOD Hospital

Hi everyone out there especially newly diagnosed, When I first met with Sanjay I was in a mess mentally, physically, emotionally. He suggested yoga which I have done previously did not think much of it but had nothing to loose looked at his yoga moves online and went to the class.

I found I could not meditate my mind was full of irrelevant thoughts and sadness of past experiences. I was physically able to do the poses but, a balance was a challenge. For nearly 12months I have been doing 40 minutes of yoga every single day at home and go to the yoga class. The yoga class is vital for meditation and it is still a challenge.

The yoga class improved my balance it is better than before diagnosis, I no longer get ice pick headaches, I was in flight or fight erratic behavior unable to concentrate I can now read a book in peace. I am not as hyperactive as unsettled. Feel fitter, I have lost 9 kilos, tremor is very mild.

Thyroid goiter is no longer enlarged. No more neck aches or cramps in the foot. I also do an exercise program specifically to me twice a week. Walk every second day and look after grandkids. I also work but have learned the hard way that work is not a priority.

Please if you are reading this do yoga every day. It helps keep you in tune with your body and mind.

D Louise

On our first referral, Dr. Sanjay immediately ordered a MRI . It was surprising to see how quickly he diagnosed the dreaded Parkinson’s disease and took all possible action like medication, exercises and all possible treatments. Now after just 3 months I could report positive results. I appreciate his prompt action and attention. Thanks to my GP as well sending me to such sincere specialist.

Vijai Agarwal

The first time I met Dr Sanjay was in Frankston and I still remember the welcome I experienced, it was so professional and heartwarming. I have continued to see Dr Sanjay but in Dandenong as it was closer for me to travel and it was doctor’s suggestion. It is always a good experience when I visit his clinic as the staff and everyone are caring, welcoming, extremely polite and professional.

Elsie Menon